Kitchen Renovations in Montreal

Kitchen renovations will form a major contribution to bringing life to your next new home. As expert kitchen renovators in Montreal, we closely follow the latest in new kitchen design ideas and bring the innovation from the international perspective straight into your new kitchen. Our designers and renovators are up to date with the know-how essentials for making your new kitchen a complete masterpiece creating a wow factor for your family and guests.

The most important steps

1 – Concept and Quotation

  • We do you a house consultation and tailored solution based on your requirements and your wishes.
  • Material and color theme selection with the option for a live 3D design
  • Get an instant quote for your kitchen project

2 – Check and Measure

  • We take all the detailed site measurements and a thorough discussion of wants and needs.
  • Finalizing the appliances, materials, measurements and the comprehensive time frames and acceptance of written contract agreement.

3 – Manufacturing of the Cabinets

  • We do of all cabinets and counters and final inspection.
  • Our project manager stays involved in the process the entire time.
  • And our shippers work to ensure safe and timely delivery.

4 – Site Check, Preparation and Installation

  • We take care of old kitchen demolition and removal
  • After that, installation is done by our proficient installers and renovators.