Whether the sector is residential, commercial or industrial, our renovations are taking place.

Renovco’s tactic when it comes to residential renovations combines professionalism and expertise with an extensive pool of knowledge and skills. Renovco is conscious about the amount of solitude and privacy every home has, and thus never save an effort to respect and dignify the living space.

When it comes to commercial, Renovco’s efforts are targeted to rapidly complete the job. The CCQ qualified tradesman provide their excellent skills and expertise to promptly finalize the project. Renovco understands the sense of urgency that lies behind work efficacy so your business is resumed in a prompt manner. Renovco aims to earn your trust as you earn your business.

Below are the general guidelines and steps initiated in every renovation project:

STEP 1: Why Renovate?

As a first step, it is essential to pinpoint the reason behind any renovation project. Is the renovation choice because of the household longevity and usage, lack of functionality, as a result of a flood or other damage, or simply recreating the style? Knowing the core of the renovation project is crucial to proper planning and ensuring future satisfaction.

STEP 2: Design Esthetics and Functionality

The design and functions of the renovated space are discussed extensively prior to the agreement, where all the requirements for design and budget are established. A Project Manager and/or Designer are assigned to the project. These specialists will then lead the client through the design procedure, making the whole project an enjoyable and rewarding experience. If needed, Renovco will work alongside the architects to develop construction plans that are suitable to client needs. Once all aspects of the plan have been established, acceptance is confirmed by “signing off” on the design, materials and schedule.

STEP 3: Plan the Work

At this step, the project manager is ready to do a site visit. During which, a proper examination is performed to all the project details, tackling logistics as well as strategy. This gives the project management the upper hand in controlling the process of the project, providing solutions, and reducing any risk that might be foreseen.

STEP 4: Let the Work Begin

Renovco’s teams are composed of experts delivering high quality workmanship, under the supervision of the project managers. Much is done to limit the inconvenience that can be felt during a renovation project. We are conscious of the importance of your renovated space, and thus treat it with the respect it deserves.

STEP 5: Final Touches

The quality of workmanship can often be evaluated by the quality of the finishing touches. At Renovco, the visible is as important as the work that takes place behind closes walls. Our personnel will take the time to insure that the final look will satisfy the expectations of your eyes.

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