The 5 Best Home Improvements For Summer

With the warmer weather a great number of homeowners see the perfect occasion to do all these home improvements that are pending. In addition, these renovations not only improve your home but also some of them increase the commercial value of your property.

It is also important to mention that some of these renovations require permits, so it is essential that you have a general contractor who has the necessary experience and who can help you at each stage of your renovation. That said, from Renovco we present you 5 home improvements that you should take into account for this summer.

Replace windows

Energy-efficient windows

Making a change in your home for energy efficient windows can reduce your annual energy cost by 12%. In addition, this renovation not only generates long-term savings but also reduces your ecological footprint. Summer is the perfect occasion to completely renew the windows of your house.

Upgrade the front door

The front door of your house is the first impression your home generates. The first added value when renovating the front door is that you are going to change the look and feel of your house. In terms of energy, an old door can generate quite a lot of energy losses, which is why a new door is also an investment in your home in terms of energy.

Build a fire pit

A fire pit is the perfect excuse to gather your family and friends around a marshmallow bbq. In addition, according to the National Association of Realtors, the return on investment of a fire pit when selling your house can reach up to 70%. This is not just a commodity but it is also an investment in your home.

Spice up your landscaping

Working on the landscaping of your house is an activity to do in the summer. Also, it gives a fresh look to your home. According to HomeGuides, improving the landscape of your house can increase its value by up to 12%. That is why renovating the landscape of your home is a project to undertake in the summer that also increases the value of your property.

Install a paver patio

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